You have reached the homepage for the Evergreen Pointe HOA Website. This website has served our community well, providing increased communication with our members. The goal has been to let you know about activities, provide a library of essential documents, and present issues and events that affect residents of our neighborhood.


Actually, we have been operating with two separate websites; this HOA Website, and the website provided by our property management company, Association Services of Washington.


To avoid confusion, and consolidate our efforts, the ASW website will become the sole website for our community. Use the link to reach the ASW website. At this time, the HOA Webpage has been suspended.


After you sign up on the ASW page, the dashboard displays five icons. One of those icons is labeled Documents. Clicking on this icon will provide you with access to twelve folders including, Budget, Governing Documents, and Financials, just to name a few.


Clicking on the Request icon on the dashboard will direct you to General Question. This is where you will be able to send inquiries or concerns directly to ASW.


Phone 253 840-1200 if you need assistance with the website.


Thanks to all of you who have used the HOA website. We hope that this adjustment will continue to provide you with all the information you need regarding our Evergreen Pointe community.


Your HOA Board of Directors